Life is an opportunity to unleash and experience abundance. In the constantly changing and hyper competitive society we live today, it is a challenge to maintain wellness, which is the very need to liberate abundance. It is fact that wellness obtained by medication is conditioned and limited. Wellness flows as result of adopting a conscious healthy lifestyle.

India's health gift to the mankind, Ayurveda, as a system is replete 
with principles and formulae that promote the 'culture of wellness.'FRLHT-IHST is set up with the sole aim to foster the same.

Founded by Sam Pitroda and Darshan Shankar, FRLHT-IHST is an abode of 
disciplined multi-thronged research that aims to spread the 'culture of wellness' to benefit one and all. The right blend of rigorous scientific approach and traditional Ayurveda tenets has resulted in path breaking applications in integrative medicinal system. This system works on verifiable facts and demonstrated results.

The efforts at FRLHT-IHST are supported by various specialized centres that 
take care of research, documentation, dissemination, training, teaching and conservation of Indian medical heritage.



Why a university for trans-disciplinary health sciences and technology why a university for trans-disciplinary health sciences and technology?

All over the world there is evidence of growing 'public' demand for increasing available healthcare choices, based upon best knowledge and practices, drawn from different healthcare systems.

India can be a world leader in this new field of ‘trans-disciplinary health sciences and technology' because we have a reasonable degree of competence in bio-medical and life sciences and we possess an incredibly rich medical heritage of our own.

A university platform is needed to establish foundational, theoretical, experimental and functional relationships between the traditional indian health sciences, bio-medical sciences and other basic natural and social sciences and to deliver the knowledge created in novel and efficient ways for societal benefit.

It is a task that is required to be sustained through creative exploration and applications for at least a century ahead. 



Our Vision

“To revitalize Indian Medical Heritage”

Our Mission

Application of traditional knowledge blended with modern science and technology to design healthcare solutions that are low-cost, safe, effective and accessible to rural and urban populations in India and globally.

Our Goals

The university has two central goals viz:

1. Development of affordable, accessible and effective strategies to significantly enhance Health Security of communities & their livestock.

2. Creation of new knowledge in health sciences through trans-disciplinary research in basic, clinical, pharmacological, pharmaceutical and social sciences.

It also has 2 supplementary goals:

i. Design of innovative and scalable strategies for Conservation and sustainable use of natural resources (flora, fauna, metals and minerals) used by India’s medical heritage.

ii. Training of high quality human resources at doctoral, PG, UG levels and including rural and urban schools, households and grass-root community workers, in selected dimensions of traditional knowledge and Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology using as feasible the ICT platform for global reach.